The Need

Churches and Movies

It’s becoming more common. Pastors use portions of movies to enhance sermon points. Sunday School teachers and childcare workers play a full-length feature. Youth leaders show the latest videos. Educators use movies to train and inspire.

What’s The Big Deal?

Most of us ignore the copyright warning at the beginning of DVDs. It is there to remind people of the importance of abiding by the copyright law. The Australian Copyright Act stipulates that permission is needed for any public performance of copyrighted motion pictures—and that includes churches. Violations can result in substantial fines.

The Church Video Licence

Now, there’s an affordable, convenient solution. Christian Copyright Licensing International. (CCLI) and Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC) have partnered to create Christian Video Licensing International (CVLI) and the Church Video Licence, which offers blanket copyright coverage for titles from nearly 400 producers.